WTES Read-a-thon! winners

Read-A-Thon Winners! 

The results of the Read-a-thon are in. Thank you to all the students and families that helped to make it a huge success. A special thanks to Mrs. Johnson for her tireless work for keeping us all updated with with daily results as well as ordering and distributing all the prizes. 

Top Five Classes in Donations:

1.     Davis—Pre-K

2.     Alford—2nd grade

3.     Pate—2nd grade

4.     Dailey—Kindergarten

5.     Cox—Kindergarten


Top Five Individual Fundraisers:

1.     Kathryn Reed

2.     Killian Evans

3.     Grace Thacker

4.     Gabriella Ondrejcak

5.     Juliana Hazar


Top Five Classes in Minutes:

1.     Perry—4th grade

2.     Engel—5th grade

3.     Barber—4th grade

4.     Clark—4th grade

5.     Morrison—3rd grade


Top Five School Readers:

1.     Liliana Lipford

2.     Tate Johnson

3.     Morgan Brown

4.     Jackson Green

5.     Lillian Jackson

Top Classroom Readers:


Davis – Penelope Hart                                                                       Painter – Jackson Lipford

Zimmerman – Cole Grant                                                                 Pate – Zane Johnson

Browning – Rylan Powell                                                                  Blair – Avery Boggs

Moriarty – Iffy Chowdhury                                                               Morrison – Ethan Cox

Peros – Addison Moore                                                                     Shock – Lucas Houdyschell

Cox – Lucas Wilson                                                                            Zamberlan – Augustus Hudson

Dailey – Claire Johnson                                                                    Barber – Liliana Lipford

Johnson – Canaan Stewart                                                              Bock – Esther Berg

Lipford – Bella Thompson                                                                Clark – Charlotte Meadows

Moore – Lochlan McCray                                                                 Perry – Holly Tinnel

Sands – Lillian Jackson                                                                      Engel – Tate Johnson

Thomas – Lee Wilson                                                                        McGrew – Kelsie Guess

Ware – Brennan Booth                                                                     Poole – Jackson Green

Alford – Benjamin Barnes                                                                Remaley – Morgan Brown

Douglas – Riley McCord